my story

Meet Julie Ling. She is an illustrator of whimsical creatures and fantastical landscapes and a spinner of yarns and tall tales.

Based in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, Ling is inspired by open hearts, senior citizens, and anyone who has managed to survive in a world where tinfoil can make your teeth hurt and diving boards have been shamefully banned.

A lifelong fan of clowns and the circus, her imagination is as frenetic as it is colorful. Emotionally wrought, yet somehow soothing, her art is a physical manifestation of the myriad, often painful, sensations she has experienced throughout her life

Her drawings are ruminations—ways of understanding how she is so easily able to access feelings that seem always on the verge of flowing over. 

 Julie grew up in Los Angeles, where she developed a love for the smell of toast, the color yellow, and letters left on her windshield. Due to a condition that has left her nerves damaged, she struggles to feel her feet on the ground. The wrong light, gust of wind or sad song keeps her on the brink of falling over.

She is currently working on putting flowers on everything that hurts.